• Price(Adult):  INR 811.00
  • Price(Child):  INR 0.00
  • Service Name:  Jhalana leopard safari
Jhalana leopard safari timings:- morning 6:15 pm  -  8:45 am
                                                       evening 3:45 pm   -  6:15 pm
                                       Jhalana leopard safari park is situated in Jhalana area, Jaipur Rajasthan. The total area 
Jhalana park is about 20 kilometers. The Aravali ranges run from top to bottom in the forest. The park is home to 30 - 35 leopards. Jhalana is becoming favourite destination to spot leopard in wild. once a reserve forest around Jaipur, Jhalana has always been home to leopard and other animals including spotted deer, blue bulls, wild boars as well as migratory birds.
                                                  The guest, on a nominal extra charges, can also visit the "Shikar Audhi" or the erstwhile hunting palace. in the early 19th century, Jhalana was a popular hunting ground with eminent state guests visiting the forests for hunting. The old shikar audhi (hunting palace) stands testimony to all the hunts that were carried out in Jhalana. The last of the tiger were shot in the year 1948 and its cubs shifted to Jaipur zoo. with the ban on the hunting , leopard have thrived here and have become the apex predator at Jhalana. now the guest can visit shikar audhi duringn their safari, take their own tea coffee and snaks, relax there and also enjoy the commanding views offered from the top.
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